AccessAR enables brands and retailers to create true-to-life Augmented Reality shopping experiences using proprietary try-before-you-buy technology.


Access the future of
fashion v-commerce

AccessAR is committed to helping brands and retailers offer a truly frictionless v-commerce experience with AccessARize, fashion’s first true-to-life, web-based Augmented Reality application for trying on accessories.

With hyper-realistic and accurate body tracking, our technology offers a barrier-free mobile shopping experience that allows consumers to accurately answer the question “What will that look like on me?” on any device with a camera.


Our products allow consumers to try on eyewear, jewelry and watches in realtime using any device with a camera. 3D renders and low-latency tracking of the hands, neck and face allow for a true-to-life shopping experience previously unseen in these verticals.


AccessAR enables digitally native vertical brands to tell their story the way it should be- online, from start to finish. We’ll help you make physical sample send-outs a thing of the past.


Omnichannel brands are struggling to stay one step ahead of the retail apocalypse, but profit margins are massively affected by a high rate of returns. Our white-label software solution will finally allow you to mitigate this expensive and time-consuming process.


Try-on sim & body tracking

Our AR SDK boasts photo-realistic product simulation and accurate tracking for select body parts complete with dynamic lighting adaption. It also allows for hot-swapping of high-resolution 3D product and asset customization on the fly. Our tracking solution leverages cutting-edge machine learning technologies to provide the highest degree of intelligent tracking currently available. By leveraging ML technology, our product literally improves and expands with every use.


We provide whitelabel, fully featured, web-ready v-commerce AR applications.


Whitelabel application

Bring us your vision and we'll work with you to design a custom augmented reality try-on application that incorporates your entire digital inventory of products in the highest quality possible, integrates seamlessly with your existing CMS and works perfectly on all major distribution platforms for mobile and desktop.


Web-based AR

Allow your customers to try on your fashion products in real-time directly on your website, using any browser, skip the App Store. Offer your clients a seamless, real-time try-on experience on desktop and mobile and turn your website into a living retail location, increasing engagement, brand satisfaction and ultimately increasing sales conversions.


What happens when technology innovators, designers and experienced fashion and lifestyle professionals collide? We solve online retail’s biggest pain point. AccessAR’s co-founders Chrissy Gow and Joscelyn Sevier are creating a new generation of AR technology that aims to disrupt conventional retail forever.

Chief Executive Officer

Chrissy Gow

Chief Creative Officer

Joscelyn Sevier

Chief Technology Officer

Hector Kearns

Lead Developer

Chris Hodge


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